Family/Pulpit Bible Repair

We have many years of experience in restoring large Family Bibles and have developed unique ways to utilize the old cover in order to keep the original look of your timely treasure.

Price Estimate For Family/Pulpit Bibles:

Rebound Using Old Cover - $300.00 - $450.00

In most cases we can use the original cover and make a new leather spine to keep your Bible as original as possible.

New Cover bound in Genuine Leather - $375.00 (The most durable cover material available for years of service)

(Black, Maroon, Brown, Blue, Tan, Green, Red, White)

Bonded leather - $290.00 (Bonded leather is made from shredded leather particles glued together for a nice finish but not designed to give years of heavy use)

(Black, Maroon, Blue, Brown, Green).

Imitation - $275.00 (Imitation leather is a man made product that is somewhat durable but cheaper to produce)

(Black, Maroon, Blue, Brown, Tan, Green, Red).

Sewing if needed-$42.00.

New Family Record - $8.00

New Presentation Page - $3.00

Laminating Family Records - $2.00 - $6.00

There may be a mending fee but without seeing your Bible we can’t give you an exact price.

Before and after photo.