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The condition of your Bible will dictate the amount of Bible repair required to restore it back to a condition that will give you many years of service. Our staff of skilled craftsman have many years of experience in Bible repair and have developed numerous techniques unique to the Bible rebinding industry. This has made Norris Bookbinding the leader in Bible repair and Bible restoration. The problem with many Bibles produced today is they were bound using glue, a less expensive way to attach the pages at the spine and soon after continuous use the pages begin to come loose. All Bibles previously bound in this manner are taken apart and oversewn by machine using the highest quality material available for Bible repair. Notes that are written close in the binding margin may be compromised as it will take some of that space in the sewing of the Bible . Some Bibles were printed with the type very close to the Bible binding margin requiring them to be sewn by hand and even then a small amount of the print may no longer be viewable. However, in order to restore the Bible this process must be achieved in order to make a durable Bible repair that can be used once again.

We have restored many old and valuable bibles as the one described below:
One of the most interesting Bibles which has come into Norris Bookbinding in poor condition and went out again like new was the family Bible of Reverend James Dempster (1740-1804). Rev. Dempster, who was converted under the preaching of john Wesley, was sent by Wesley to America. In the spring of 1775 he was appointed pastor of the Methodist Chapel in new York City, which had been built in 1768, the first Methodist Church in America.

Mr. Dempster arrived in the Mohawk valley in the early winter 0f 1776 and preached and ministered to the needs of the pioneers in and around Amsterdam until his death in 1804. This famous old Bible was discovered in the home of one of his descendants in Amsterdam, New York in very poor condition. The Rev. Wm. H. Kroeger, Pastor of the first Methodist Church of Amsterdam ?challenged? Norris Bookbinding to rebind this famous Bible. Other bookbinderies had said it was impossible.

Below is a reply from the Rev. Kroeger after receiving the repaired Bible.

Norris Bookbinding Co.
Greenwood, Mississippi

Dear Mr. Norris:
We received the bible which you reconstructed for us. Excuse the delay in acknowledging its receipt. I waned others to see it before I replied. I may now say that everyone who examine your work is enthusiastic over what you were able to do with a book which other bookbinders considered and founders and to respect their efforts in a day of small things.

Thanking you again, I remain, Yours truly,

Wm. H. KROEGER, Historian, Troy Conference
Amsterdam, New York

Price estimate for a Bible repair up to size 6x9:

Goat Skin Genuine Leather - $250.00 Click Here for Color Chart

“Goat Skin Leather” – Goat Skin is considered a premium leather that has been used for decades in the making of a premium Bible covers.  Goat Skin covers have a very soft and flexible feel while offering a very durable cover. It also comes leather lined for more durability. Colors:  Black, Maroon, Navy Blue, Brown, and Light Brown.

Soft Skin Genuine Leather - $135.00 Click Here for Color Chart

“Soft Skin Leather” was developed especially for Norris Bookbinding Company and is our softest genuine leather available. It has a more natural looking grain and a low luster finish. Genuine leather is the most durable cover material available. Colors: Black, Maroon, Blue, Brown, Lt. Brown, Beige, Green, Gray, Pink, Turquoise.

Traditional Genuine Leather - $105.00 Click Here for Color Chart

Traditional Genuine Leather has been used in our bindery for many many years. It has a traditional buffalo grain and a glossy finish. Genuine leather is the most durable cover material available. Colors: Black, Maroon, Brown, Blue, Light Brown, Green, Red, White

Using your old cover - $85.00

Sewing if needed-$20.00. If we sew your Bible and you have written notes in the inner margin a portion of the notes may be lost. (see picture above for example)

Cover with a single snap add $30. Traditional Genuine leather or Soft Skin Genuine leather ONLY. Click Here to View Cover

Raw Edge Flap cover with strap add $35.  Soft Skin & Traditional Genuine leather ONLY. Click Here to View Cover

Ribbed Spine on genuine leather only. $30.00 Click Here to View Cover

Leather Lined.  $40.00

Add blank pages $0.50 each.

Laminating per page $4.00

Add ribbon $2.00 each. Color choices: Black, Red, Maroon, Navy, Royal, Lt. Blue, Kelly Green, Purple, Gold, White, Pink, Silver, Yellow

Name imprint if wanted-$10.00 Click Here for Fonts and Sizes

There may be a mending fee but without seeing your Bible we can’t give you an exact price.

There is a $20.00 S&H fee.

Gift certificates are available.

Sorry, we do not gild edges, repair or replace zippers, or thumb tabs.

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